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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Starting My Etsy Shop: CPLG

What I've realized so far about selling on Etsy and hand making products:

So, I have been really busy working on my Etsy shop. My products are handmade clutches and small bags. I have a knack for creating things, and I just had to find an outlet. I love fashion, so I figured that I would start out with clutches. It is so much work, but I am having so much fun. I will be blogging about countdowns, follow ups, and Etsy tips soon. Wish me luck!
  • You need to have 10 or more items for a successful start
  • Read as much of the Etsy User Guides as possible
  • Look at the competition
  • Complete, research, and take care all of the busy work:
    • shipping fees, 
    • policies,
    • marketing
  • Shop around for affordable and good quality supplies before you make or buy anything
  • Practice making your products on dummy material before messing up any good materials, if possible.

Expected opening day: Late April

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