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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How To Open an Etsy Shop in 14 Easy Steps (Printable)

Do you plan on opening an online shop or an Etsy shop? Well, I am. This printable is a great way to figure things out. You will be prepared to open up shop in no time!
 $1.00 Will send document after payment.


~Operation Etsy~
(  )Brain storm day:Name of store? What type of products? Who is your audience?
(  )Research:Read the Etsy reader’s manual. Read books and articles about creating a handmade business. Take notes.
(  )What is the process:What are the steps in making your products? What materials do you need? Prices for materials? Are you selling out of the country?
(  )Busy work:What are you policies? How much......

Purchase the printable to view the full list!

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