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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CPLG: Natural Dry Hair

So I have kinky curly hair, and I go back and forth between wearing it straight and natural. I never really have found any magic hair products until I finally tried pure %100 Shea Butter as a sealant on my hair! It is so awesome, and my hair and ends love it.
  • I spray my hair with my spray bottle that consist of water and 1/3rds of Aloe Vera Juice. Check out naptural85's youtube page.
  • Sometimes I apply a moisturizing cream such as Shea Moisture's  Curl Smoothie Cream. The best moisturizers have water labeled as the first or second ingredient. 
  • Next I rub the Shea Butter in my hands, and apply it to my curls. I put a lot on my ends. 

I only wash my hair with shampoo once a month, and I also co-wash once a month. I use egg as a protein treatment, and on shampoo days I always use a leave-in condition. 

Questions? Ask in the comment box!

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