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Thursday, April 3, 2014

CPLG: Career Talk

Me getting ready to sing  ;)

I am now in my last year of college, thank GOD! I am majoring in Music Education, and it was a lot more work than I thought it would be. There was like a million Music Theory classes, and then there were classes called Aural Skills where I almost had to be a psychic to know what type of scales, chords, and cadences I heard. I haven't even talk about the educational part of it yet, and the fact that I had to take a million state test to prove that I aM worthy of teaching. It's no joke. Now that I'm just about finished with my degree, I have this confidence in myself where I feel like there is not too much in life that I can't accomplish.

Why Music Education? Are there any jobs out there for Music Teachers?

So many people were telling me that I was stupid for majoring in Music Education, and there were times where I questioned my decision. BUT, you will never be %100 percent sure about most big decisions in life, unless your just perfect. I knew that I was passionate about music, I was great at working with kids, and that I loved to teach and help others. No there are not as many Music Teacher positions as there are basic teacher positions, but everyone of my former classmates that graduated with a Music Ed. degree has a job teaching music. There are not that many people graduating with educational degrees period, so I feel that there is a great balance. The world will always need teachers. The world will also need a utilize music. Regardless of the pros and cons, I feel that one should go to college and major in whatever he or she wants. It's a long process, so you might as well do it for something that you enjoy.

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