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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Patterns That I Adore!

Stripes! Yikes! 
I adore stripes. They add edge and chic-ness to any outfit. Some of my favorite pieces that I wear consist of stripes. I've even seen people mix stripes with other patterns such as florals, and it was really cute. I must include stripes in my future pieces.
Cheetah Fierceness 
Every woman, man, boy, girl, dog, should own something with a cheetah print! LOL. Pairing it with red items makes it a class, but it's just as cute worn alone. Of course I have a cheetah print clutch in the making. 

Florals Darling
Floral prints sometimes can look a little grannyish, but add a leather jacket and it's so chic. Summer is on it's way to Chicago, and I am looking for some florals to throw on. It's so feminine and cute, and what girl doesn't want to feel and look like a lady.
If you are a frequent Pinterest user, the majority of fashion items consist of chevron. It is such a cute pattern with a little edge.

Well, those are just some of my favorite patterns. Mixing them with other cute patterns it such a great idea also. What are some of your favorite patterns?

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